This space hasn’t been updated in a long while. A lot has changed over the period. From how I draw to what I draw, my interests and choices, quality and style of work, to how I approach pretty much everything.. things have changed. And I plan to document and share most of it here. Soon…

Illustration based on Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Forty Rules of Love is one of my favourite books! I often go back to it to get some sense of peace and sanity when the would illusions get a bit too much for me to handle. On one such occasion of re-reading, I had a visual in my mind that I wanted to paint…

IFI – Final

For the remaining weeks, we worked on a bunch of colour compositions before finalising what fits with our piece the best. We studied colour theory and harmonies to figure out our medium of expression. And this is my final work. My version of Alice is an Indian royal warrior and her strength is found in…

IFI – Week 3

We worked on our value studies after finishing our line work.

IFI – Week 2

I worked more on my initial idea, changed and refined some parts of it. This was my final linework for my Alice in Wonderland piece.

Illustration from Imagination (IFI) – Week 1

I enrolled in a course called IFI with many other amazing artists last month. The course was a 6 weeks intense project to understand how to make client worthy projects and learn through it. We had a mock production house, with mock briefs. The idea was to choose a brief and present it in your…

Hair Painting Week – Day 2

Here’s the second day and I’ve made a lot of progress! There are still a few things to do. Some corrections to make and some more details to add.

Hair Painting Week – Day 1

This week is hosted by Paintable and this my third community project with them! You’ll know about the first two in my upcoming posts. This is the piece I’ve decided to work on for the week! I’m currently deciding hair colours 😀